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Orthodedic Issues

by puppy on January 7, 2010

 Orthopedic issues are something that are really sad to see your dog go through.  This is just one of those things that can happen and that will most likely need some type of treatment. Getting your dog to the vet is key in this situation.  A vet will be able to walk your through the proper steps of what to do for recovery.

In one of my guest posts I wrote some tips on what  cause this problem and what are some treatments that could help your pet out: 

Orthopedic issues are a very common reason for dogs to visit their veterinarian. They relate to problems with the bones, muscles, joints and ligaments of his body. These problems can be as simple as a strained ligament, or as complicated as a fracture of the pelvis.

There are several causes of orthopedic problems in our dogs. Firstly, they may be congenital, where your dog is actually born with the condition. One example is patellar luxation, where his kneecap freely moves out of its groove in his thigh bone. If not treated appropriately, it leads to lameness and arthritis in your dog’s knee joint.

Click on the link for the full article with all the tips on orthopedic issues.

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1 Lisa (puppies name is PowPow) November 15, 2010 at 8:56 pm

hi my puppies disability is in his front legs, he’s unable to straighten them & his paws were turned outwards, but are now much better as he matures , they are now almost facing the floor.
However he still is unable to straighten his front legs.
I am unable to afford the surgery ($2000.00) like most people.
Having said that, the surgery won’t evern help him to walk, its just to get the faster growing bone the same length as the shorter one.
His arms move from the shoulders, it kind of looks like this doing the firemens crawl.
As of Nov. 14th, 2010 he’s growing very well, using piddle pad seems to be a great success for him.
Just 3 days ago he started hopping, something like what a bunny would do…. he can’t move as fast as a bunny though.
So my question is… I would like to give him life as long as he can handle it, I’ve had many suggestions to put him to rest.
Yet as time goes on…I notice others having some faith for him.
I have decided to bring him to the vet tomorrow with is sisters to at least get his 1st shots.
If there is anyone out there that is willing to invite PowPow into their home. Please e-mail me We live in the Niagara Falls area Canadain side.

Thank You from taking time to read out story.
Lisa & PowPow

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