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Nutrition & Your Pet’s Health

by puppy on January 31, 2010

We all want to protect our pets from harmful things that could possibly harm them. This also means providing them with the proper nutrition. You might ask yourself, how do I do that? It is easier than  you think. Now with the new year we are all trying  to be in the best health we can possible be in. Be sure to include your pets in on this task. Make it a goal this year to also get your pets in the best health they can be in.

Here is the article I recently wrote for our friends at The Urban Mutt Blog on promoting nutrition and health in our furry friends:

As dog owners, we are responsible for taking care of our pets. This means controlling internal and external parasites, protecting him from infectious diseases with vaccination, and taking him to the vet when he’s ill. However, many people don’t recognize the importance of  good nutrition  in keeping our dogs in the best possible health.

The food your dog eats is the fuel that powers his body, and the nutrients in his diet allow him to function at his best. There is an ideal amount of each nutrient that your dog should eat per day, and deficiencies can be harmful. For example, too little calcium in a growing dog can lead to the bone disease known as rickets. On the other hand, he can also have too much of a good thing, with excess calcium intake in a pup being implicated in orthopedic conditions such as osteochondrosis dissecans. It’s important that you feed a nutritionally balanced food, to avoid such excesses and deficiencies.

Be sure to read the full article to get all the tips on providing good health for your pet.

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1 Dog Training Fort Collins February 2, 2010 at 3:37 am

This is a perfect guide to take care of our pet health. Thank you for sharing this one.

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